Show Me The Awesome

What a 30 Days it’s been!

I have enjoyed all the posts, and the range of posts. A little bit of everything.

I know I discovered new people, and new ideas; and I hope you did, also. Part of the reason for “show me the awesome” was so that we could share the awesome things that are done, every day, and to spread the word about those things, and those people.

Librarianship can be a thankless profession, and I look at “show me the awesome” as also “thank you for the awesome.” So, thank you — thank you for the people who took the time to post. Thank you to the people who took the time to read the posts. And thank you to the people who talked about the posts and what people were doing, who helped spread the word about the many, many wonderful things people are doing in library land.

And, a big thank you to School Library Journal for this article about #30Awesome, Librarian Bloggers Launch “Show Me The Awesome” Campaign: “Librarians Sophie Brookover, Liz Burns, and Kelly Jensen were rooming together at the American Library Association (ALA) midwinter meeting in Seattle a few months ago when they began discussing a troublesome issue: the fact that librarians are not always adept at promoting their achievements, despite a widespread feeling that the field needs more recognition.

Kelly has a final write up at Stacked: “What started as a project we began as a means of letting people show off what it is they’re good at and what it is they’re passionate about grew beyond our expectations in the best possible way. The posts in this series highlight not only the smart, savvy, and talented individuals who make up this profession, but it highlights, too, just how wide-ranging librarianship is. There are beginners sharing their new ideas and there are seasoned pros talking about their favorite, most proud moments. These posts are for fresh out of library school grads and those who have been serving as librarians for a long time.”

Links to my weekly posts, which include links to and excerpts from each #30Awesome post:

A round up of Week One’s Show Me The Awesome.

A round up of Week Two’s Show Me The Awesome.

A round up of Week Three’s Show Me The Awesome.

A round up of Week Four’s Show Me The Awesome.

A round up of Week Five’s Show Me The Awesome.

If I missed a #30Awesome post, please let me know! And yes, it looks like we may be doing this again next year!



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