Round Two: Endangered v Stars

The second match of round two: Endangered v. The Fault in the Stars, judged by Martine Leavitt.

2 2 Endanger Fault Round 2, Match 2: Endangered vs The Fault in Our Stars

My prediction: I had predicted this match up, and my guess was “The Fault in Our Stars, because, well, John Green.

One thing I liked about Leavitt’s opinion: she talked about both books and not just “what I loved more” but touched on flaws. Now, I don’t necessarily agree with Leavitt but that is fine, because I just liked that she didn’t think each book was perfect. Leavitt calls it being “picky” but why not be picky about books?

And the winner? “So the winner is John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. I like my choice. I hope you do, too.”

The loss of my dear Code Name Verity is a bit easier to take, knowing I was right about The Fault in Our Stars.



5 thoughts on “Round Two: Endangered v Stars

  1. For me this was the match of the ho-hum books. Both were good but not great. Though I did predict the winner, I was hoping that Endangered would knock The Fault in Our Stars out of the contest. But, alas, it was not to be. Like last year’s runaway favorite, Life: An Exploded Diagram*, I’m missing the appeal.

    *Though to be fair to The Fault in Our Stars, I don’t actively dislike it like I did Life: An Exploded Diagram*. I just don’t think it’s as great as many other do.


  2. Eliza, I couldn’t even finish LIFE. So count me in for not getting the appeal. And I still haven’t read FAULT.


  3. Oh, would that I had followed in your footsteps and not finished Life. It’s just that so many people who’s opinion about books I respect liked it, I kept reading it waiting for it click with me. Alas, it never did. Don’t even get me started on the ending.


  4. The end! THE END. I did the first fifty-odd pages, then flipped through to figure out what the plot was (sometimes that will make me want to read the book) and then read the end. None of which made me want to read the whole thing, but it was enough to confirm that this was not my type of book.


  5. The end! I feel like it was a cheat. It’s not that the use of 9/11 was manipulative because it is now a part of our history and should be used in stories but that it wasn’t an honest use. I get that Clem was unaffected by the bomb that brought him into the world and the bomb that disfigured Frankie but that he was also physically (and emotionally I expect since he’s such a self-absorbed jerk) unharmed by the World Trade Center disaster seems dishonest. It’s like the author liked Clem too much (though how I don’t know) to kill him off. I’m not really explaining my thoughts very well but this is kind of off topic so I don’t want to go on too long about a book I didn’t like and you didn’t finish and isn’t a part of this year’s contest.

    Also, that book made me wonder if I can like a book where all the characters (except for Frankie who I liked a great deal) are unlikeable. I think I can, and have, if they are supposed to be unlikeable. I think one of my problems with this book is that it seemed the reader was supposed to like Clem and I couldn’t stand him.

    Hee, I do the book flipping thing also though I try to read at least 90 pages before doing so. Why 90? Don’t know but that seems like sometimes a book takes more than 50 pages to get really going but if it’s more than 100 than something is amiss. And reading the end first doesn’t ruin a book for me. Sometimes, it allows me to relax into the story and finish it, or determine it’s just not the right one for me, or the not right for me right then.


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