Readers’ Advisory Chat

I’m a big fan of Readers’ Advisory (see past posts like Readers’ Advisory? and Reading and Libraries).

It sounds simple (match a book to a reader!) but is actually quite complex: what does the reader want? what would the reader like? which book fits that need? how does one go about “matching”? with all the books out there, how to know enough about individual titles?

So many questions! So many discussion possibilities!

I know I’m not the only one, so Kelly Jensen, Sophie Brookover and myself have started a Readers’ Advisory chat on Twitter. Kelly has a detailed post up about Readers’ Advisory and the chat at Why Good Readers’ Advisory Matters.

The Readers’ Advisory chat uses the hashtag #ReadAdv; it takes place on Thursdays, at 8 PM EST and lasts about an hour.

We’ve had four chats so far; we wanted to try it out, see how it went, what the response was, before formally announcing it with blogposts and such. If you want to look at the chats that have taken place so far, Sophie has used Storify to record them. You can also search Twitter using the #ReadAdv tag.

If you have any suggestions for future topics for ReadAdv, let us know!


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