Summer Teen

I almost forgot!

SummerTeen: A Celebration of Young Adult Books is a School Library Journal online event. It takes place on August 9, from 10:30 to 5:30 EST.

Online means you don’t have to travel anywhere! No jet lag! No lost luggage!

Here is the description: SummerTeen will bring together a blockbuster keynote with presentations on topics near and dear to the hearts of youth services and school librarians including the hottest genres and latest formats.”

I’ve been an attendee to two previous LJ/SLJ online events and enjoyed both immensely. I’m looking forward to this! Pricing: early bird pricing ends July 2 (I’m sorry I didn’t post sooner!) It varies based on things like whether you’re a LJ/SLJ subscriber or not. While it’s aimed at librarians and teachers and the like, it can also be broadcast to students or teens as part of a summer program. Take a peak at the list of speakers.

If you participate and will be Tweeting it (like me), here is the hashtag: #sljSummerTeen

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