Some disappointing news; the upcoming The Isle of Blood (Simon & Schuster, September 13, 2011) may be the last in Rick Yancey‘s Monstrumologist series.

I’m biased; I loved The Monstrumologist, the first in the series and a Printz Honor book; and managed to somehow love the sequel, The Curse of the Wendigo, even more than the first. True, the original deal was for three books, but still…. I’m not the only one who hoped for more. And that’s without having read the third one yet! Rest assured, The Isle of Blood is coming with me on vacation, so I’ll have a review up soon.

Leila has more at Bookshelves of Doom; and Stephanie Reads reports on it with My Quest to Save the Monstrumologist and a Support the Monstrumologist Giveaway

Yancey’s Facebook page has updates.

Please, leave links in the comments to any other Monstrumologist related posts.

Edited to add: And yes, the series shall continue!

4 thoughts on “Monstrumologist

  1. I just finished The Isle of Blood (it’s great…no surprise), and I have to say that it feels like there should be more. I don’t know what Yancey had planned, but it seems like the story isn’t complete yet and there’s more to know about Will Henry.


  2. I’ve not read any of these books yet, but did (prior to the announcement actually) pick up the first since S&S sent me the third. I wanted to catch up before I read it. Sad to hear that such a great series is struggling.


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