KidLitCon 2011

I have my plane tickets, I have my hotel reservations, I gave a program proposal that has been accepted, I just have to remember to actually register for KidLitCon 2011. Details, they’ll trip you up all the time. Here’s the list of people who have been better about registering.

What are they registering for? Take a look at the schedule. Here are some highlights, with my own comments:

Friday, September 16 is the preconference, AKA the reason why I’m flying out Thursday night.

And here is one of the first sessions: Bloggers and Writers and Pubs! Oh My! Presented and facilitated by Pam Coughlan (aka MotherReader) and Liz Burns (why, yes, that’s me!). Description: “In Bloggers and Writers and Pubs! Oh My! the panel will explore the relationships of the various members of the children’s literature industry. The age of social media is blurring the already indistinct boundaries between reviewer and author, blogger and publisher, author and publicist. The opportunities of this new communication and collaboration are extraordinary, but the questions are also increasing in terms of disclosure, standards, and professionalism. This panel hopes to address these issues with input and questions from the attendees.”

Other sessions on Friday include 

Managing the Privacy Line: Your Blog, Your Kids, Your Readers, and You Presented by Marcia Lerner, Andrea Lampman, Eden Kennedy; 

The Future of Transmedia Storytelling: Angel Punk, Pottermore, and Skeleton Creek Presented by Amber Keyser, Devon Lyon, Matthew Wilson, and Jake Rossman; 

One is Silver and the Other’s Gold: A Discussion on Blogging Backlist vs. New Releases, and Why It Doesn’t Have to Be Versus Presented by Maureen Kearney, Terry Doherty, Melissa Madsen Fox, Jen Robinson;

Group Blogging: Strategies for Success Presented by Elissa Cruz, Wendy Martin, Rosanne Parry, Katherine Schlick Noe

Building a Better World With Your Book Blog Presented by Chris Singer

and, finally: Wine Reception and Meet and Greet.

Then, the conference itself: Saturday, September 17th

with, drumroll please, Keynote by Scott Westerfeld!

Programs for Saturday include:

Forming Author – Blogger Collectives to Support Book Promotion Presented by Stasia Ward Kehoe

Who Are You Online? Social Media and the Professional Persona Presented by Karen Kincy, Chelsea Campbell, Denise Jaden, and Mindi Scott

Going Deep: The Hows and Whys of Blogging Critically Presented by Kelly Jensen, Abby Johnson, and Janssen Brandshaw

Tears, Sweat, and True Blood: DIY Marketing in a Post-Twilight World Presented by Holly and Shiraz Cupala

Give Your Blog a Voice: Podcasting in the KidLitosphere Presented by Michelle Ann Dunphy and Allison Tran

Building Your Online Brand Presented by Amanda Hubbard

Convergence: Social Media Life, the Publishing Universe, and Everything Presented by Greg Pincus

Finessing Your Inner Zoo Presented by Richard Jesse Watson

Moving Beyond Google Reader: Taking Your Blog to Where Your Readers Are Presented by Jen Robinson and Carol Rasco

Teaming Up: How Authors and Bloggers Can Work Together for Successful Promotion Presented by Suzanne Young and Sara Gundell

The Fantastic New World of Book Apps for Children Presented by Mary Ann Scheuer, Elizabeth Bird, and Paula Wiley

Teaming Up with S in SCBWI Presented by Joni Sensel

Blogging Diversity: Prejudice and Pride Presented by Lee Wind

and then, yay, DINNER!

See you in Seattle! 

Now, I just have to register.


4 thoughts on “KidLitCon 2011

  1. *sobs*

    Have I mentioned how genuinely bereft I am that I’m not going to be able to make it? This sounds like a *fantastic* conference. So so bummed to miss all the great panels and speakers.


  2. Kelly, yay for seeing people in person! Was it at last year’s that we met in person first?

    Allison, looking forward to meeting you! Now, I just have to work on the panel.

    Michelle, next year, right?


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