Round 2, Match 2

Once I realized it was going to be impossible to write up and post my reactions to the various matches, it became freeing! So yes, I’m a day (or more) late. But rest assured, late as my commentary is and will be — it’ll still be here!

My prediction: “Doll Bones v Far Far Away, Judge Rae Carson. I’ve read both; but this time, I’m going to lean towards Far Far Away.

RND2 ELEANOR FARFAR Round 2, Match 2: Eleanor & Park vs Far Far Away

The actual matchEleanor & Park vs Far Far Away judged by Rae Carson. So, only half right so far.

What did Carson say? “I’m giving the slight edge to Far, Far Away.”

Yay me! But why did Carson give the edge to Far, Far Away?

Carson likes both books, yet tempers her discussions. About Eleanor & Park, she notes “minor quibbles with some muddled pacing.” And with Far, Far Away, she begins with “I was prepared to hate it.”

I was prepared to hate it.

If you’re a reader, you have a reading bias. It’s just human nature, to have things you like and things you don’t. What is interesting about Carson’s decision is not that she admits her bias; but, rather, she doesn’t let that bias control her reading.

It’s easy to say, “I hate fantasy, I read this fantasy book, and I hate it because ugh, fantasy.” It’s harder to read that book and not have ones biases confirmed.

It’s a great lesson, I think, as a reader. Have a bias, recognize it — but still be open to what you may discover.

And Carson discovered a book that ended up passing along to the next round.


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