Round 2, Match 1

And so Round 2!

My prediction: “The Animal Book v Boxers & Saints, Judge Tonya Bolden. I’m going with “pick something I read,” so Boxers & Saints.”

And I accurately predicted what the match would be: it was, indeed, The Animal Book v Boxers & Saints.

And double prediction: I was also right about Boxers & Saints moving on!

RND2 ANIMAL BOXERS Round 2, Match 1: The Animal Book vs Boxers and Saints

Bolden gives background on both books: and as I read through, let me just say — Bolden is good.

She was both enthusiastic and objective about both books, so that I had no inkling which way she’d go — two works that are necessary, two works that will stay with me for years, two works I am sure to revisit“.

Truth is, it’s easy to make a decision when there is one book that you don’t like, or you don’t connect with, or leaves you cold. Less easy, is when you actually, truly, like both books.

What do you use, then, when all things are equal?

Bolden’s answer: “Which will I revisit first?

And Boxers & Saints is first.




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