Round 1, Match 8

And finally, the last of the matches in Round 1: True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp v What the Heart Knows, Judge Sheila Turnage

My prediction: “Having read True Blue, that’s my pick.”

And I was right! Alas, I don’t think this return to picking the right decision means my brackets are saved.

BoB2014 MG R1 M8 Round 1, Match 8: True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp vs What The Heart Knows

One thing I liked about Turnage’s decision: she gave context for both books. I’ve read one, but not the other, and if someone dives too soon into the “why” of a decision it leaves me not fully appreciating it.

And I also like what was Turnage’s deciding factor. Not so much about herself, but, well, about reader’s advisory, an area near and dear to my heart. “While I admire both books, if I were handing out books to young readers I believe I’d reach most often for Kathi Appelt’s.


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