Round 1, Match 5

And so we enter week two of the Battle: Hokey Pokey v March Book One, Judge Tom Angleberger

My prediction: “Didn’t read either one, I picked March Book One.”

I won’t leave you wondering: I didn’t pick the right one. The right one is apparently “Peter Pan times Pilgrim’s Progress times the Teletubbies.” Which leaves me saying “wha?” and “I think I need to read that book.

BoB2014 MG R1 M5 Round 1, Match 5: Hokey Pokey vs March, Book One

What I like best about this decision?

How much I laughed. And not from being shocked so laughing — as I did with Match 6, more on that later — but just because Angleberger is funny.

Angleberger’s official reason for selecting March Book One is that it ended more as a Volume One, as incomplete, without enough of a resolution or conclusion, while Hokey Pokey was a standalone.

I’m not saying this wasn’t part of the reason; but as I read the decision, I came to an additional conclusion.

Much as Angleberger clearly admired March Book One; he flat out enjoyed Hokey Pokey. And so he picked that.

Alas, that doesn’t do good things for my brackets. And I don’t enjoy that.


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