Over At the Horn Book

In this blog, I’ve had a several posts about “New Adult,” books aimed at readers over 18. And, at ALA last year, Sophie Brookover, Kelly Jensen, and I conducted a conversation starter about New Adult.

Sophie, Kelly, and I recently collaborated on an article about New Adult for the January/February 2014 issue of The Horn Book, What’s New About New Adult?

Here’s a peak: “New Adult — aimed at an adult audience but with strong appeal for teen readers — has recently garnered much buzz. Story lines tend to follow the contours of contemporary genre romance novels, but starring younger characters. NA initially took hold in the self-publishing world (the quality of writing varying wildly), and these books found an audience of dedicated, loyal, even ravenous readers. Authors could write stories that satisfied their fans and publish them quickly. With such a proven fan base, it didn’t take long for traditional publishing houses to take notice, seeking out and acquiring some of these high-performing books and trying their own hands at New Adult.

The full article is at The Horn Book website; go, read, let me know what you think.


One thought on “Over At the Horn Book

  1. I was at this ALA session and found it really interesting. It inspired me to take on a New Adult Week myself (see the recap here: http://misstiffreads.blogspot.com/2013/09/new-adult-what-i-have-learned.html). What little I’ve read of NA books, I would say that this area has potential, but needs one great author to come in and just make it legit. College and early 20’s are a hard time, and books should reflect those growing pains and it can be difficult to find books that speak to that. The Horn Book article was excellent, and I have some of those books stacked on my Kindle, so I’ll check them out. It’s great to keep the discussion going and I’m excited to see where NA goes in the future.


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