Cybils 2013 Finalists

It’s time for the Cybils Finalists!

As a quick recap, the Cybils is the Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards. Earlier this year, titles were nominated across various categories and genres. Then, groups of bloggers (the panelists) read those nominations and created a list of finalists for each category. Those finalists are what were announced today.

Now, another group of bloggers — the judges — will read the finalists and decide upon a winner in each category. Those winners will be announced on February 14. More information on how this is organized is at the FAQ for the Cybils.

Of particular YA interest:

Graphic Novels. I’m proud to say I’ve read one of the books, Boxers and Saints by Gene Luen Yang!

Nonfiction. Another list where I’ve read one! It’s “The President Has Been Shot!”: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy by James L. Swanson. I haven’t posted the review yet.

Speculative Fiction. I’ve read Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers; and The Waking Dark by Robin Wasserman. Also, I nominated The Waking Dark so am happy to see it become a finalist!

Fiction. I’ve read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell; Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein; and Sex & Violence by Carrie Mesrobian. And, I nominated Sex & Violence!

How many of the finalists have you read? Did any of your nominations become finalists?


7 thoughts on “Cybils 2013 Finalists

  1. William Shakespeare’s Star Wars!

    My friends and I recently gathered in a living room to read this gem aloud. It’s hopelessly cornball, but it absolutely must be read aloud to be appreciated. Our R2-D2 was as dedicated an actor as I’ve ever seen, embuing the whistles and squeaks – as well as the soul-searing monologues – with as much commitment as our sincere, wide-eyed Luke gave his power-converter lament.

    I wouldn’t vote it above, say, The Waking Dark, but I recommend it if you want a particularly geeky laugh session.


  2. It was fun to go through the titles to see which ones were familiar. One of my nominations made it this far – Barbed Wire Baseball for the elementary non-fiction category. A few from other sections are books I would have nominated if someone hadn’t beat me to it like Boxers and Saints, Journey, and Yaqui Delgado. I have read at least one from every section except for early chapter books. I read many of them because they were on the Nerdies list. It was interesting to see that I had read the most in the picture book and YA fiction sections. I need to really work on reading more elementary level chapter books this year. It will be great to see the winners.


    1. the list is a good way of taking a pulse of what one has read during the year. And the winner is announced at the end of this week!


  3. I’m having a whole lot of fun as a judge for Middle Grade Speculative Fiction this year.

    I didn’t get nominating early enough to have my nominations go this far. But I was happy to see that several of my Sonderbooks Stand-outs were also Cybils Finalists.


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