E Wein Special Ops

This week, if you’re looking for good posts, there is only one place to look:

Chachic’s Book Nook, for a week long celebration of Elizabeth Wein: EWein Special Ops.


As Chachic explains in the opening post for this week, “EWein Special Ops is a blog event celebrating Elizabeth Wein’s wonderful novels. I have been a fan of her work for YEARS and I’ve been wanting to organize something like this for a while now. I’m glad I’m able to do it before the year ends. Watch out for guest posts from authors, fellow bloggers and fans throughout the week. On Twitter, I’m using the hashtag #EWeinSpecialOps if you want to keep track of tweets. If you’re interested in writing about anything related to EWein’s novels in your own blog at any point during this week, give me the link to the post and I’ll spread the word about it. As an aside, I love that I was able to find a picture of a younger EWein feeding a bird because I think it’s perfect for the event poster. I hope you all like it too.”

Chachic invited me to do a guest post, which will be appearing later this week. (Confession: I messed up on when I thought I had to have the post to Chachic, so owe her a big apology.) (Second confession: I cried a lot writing the post, so you can probably guess what I wrote about.)

Chachic has hosted other author celebrations, including The Queen Thief’s Week, for Megan Whalen Turner; and Marchetta Madness, for Melina Marchetta. If you did missed them, I envy you, because there is a lot of good reading there!






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