Smugglivus 2013!

It’s December, and you know what that means!

It’s time for Smugglivus at The Book Smugglers!

What is Smugglivus, you may ask? From The Book Smugglers’ post: “Smugglivus is our month-long (ok, technically it’s about five weeks long) end of the year celebration. Back in our first year of The Book Smugglers in 2008, we wanted to do something special at the end of the year leading up to our blog anniversary in early January. So, we came up with the idea to host a holiday bonanza to celebrate our favorite books, authors, and bloggers of the year. Thus, inspired by Seinfeld’s infamous Festivus, Smugglivus was born. Each year, Smugglivus begins on December 1 and features guest posts from our favorite people across the interwebs (with a healthy serving of our regular reviews and giveaways, of course). The event ends with a bang on January 7, our very own blogiversary. (It’s our sixth this year, can you believe it?)

I am happy to say that I am participating this year! My prior contributions to Smugglivus: Smugglivus 2012Smugglivus 2011.

My post went up at The Book Smugglers yesterday: Smugglivus 2013 Guest Blogger: Liz Burns of A Chair, A Fireplace and a Tea Cozy.

It has my top 8 titles for 2013. Here’s a bit of a teaser. In looking at my top 8, I saw a theme — and a bit of a surprising one. What was it? Well, all the books that were my favorites were about broken people or broken places. To find out the exact titles, go over to my post at The Book Smugglers.

Either here or there, let me know what you think of my top 8!



3 thoughts on “Smugglivus 2013!

  1. I’ve only read 3 of your top 8 — QUINTANA OF CHARYN, ROSE UNDER FIRE, and BITTER KINGDOM. I gave all three starred reviews, but they are probably not going to make my stand-outs list (which I haven’t formed yet), though they still might. I will have to give more attention to the others you mentioned.


  2. Sondy, looking forward to your list! I find they are hard to put together; oh, there is usually one or two that is “absolutely” but then the rest are tough.


  3. Yes, it’s always tough. I make it easier on myself by breaking it into lots of categories, so my very favorites don’t have to “compete” against each other. My Stand-outs are very much like your Favorite Books. Only I wait until January 1st to make my list, since I am usually reading right up until the last minute, hoping to finish one last book.

    This year, I will have to try to prepare everything ahead, though. I’m going on vacation on January 1st to see family in California. And on top of that, I’m a 2nd round Cybils judge, and that starts January 1st. So I will try to make my lists all ready to go — and hope what I read the last week isn’t as good!


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