Voices in My Head at Booklist

Over the summer, I spoke with Mary Burkey about audiobooks for her Voices in My Head column at Booklist.

Here’s a tease: “Burns agrees that it’s positive news that the audiobook industry is growing. “It’s good news for people who are print disabled—those who need audiobooks because of blindness, physical handicaps (which leave them unable to hold books or turn pages), or reading difficulties. The bad news is that it is still not a level ‘reading field.’ Not every book is available or accessible for these patrons.”

There’s a lot more at the article about ways to get accessible technology and audiobooks. You can read the whole article at Burkey’s Voices In My Head column in the September 15, 2013 issue of Booklist.

It’s also available online.

One thing that’s not in the article, because it happened late September: the National Library Service for the Blind and Handicapped now has an app, the BARD Mobile App, so that their collection of audiobooks and Braille can easily be downloaded, listened to, and read via iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).


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