Guest Post at Children’s Book Reviews

Want to know some of the upcoming books I’m looking forward to?


All you need to do is go over to my guest post at Children’s Books Review.

OK, I’ll tell you one — my Frankenstein obsession continues! I’m looking forward to Stephanie Hemphill’s Hideous Love, about Mary Shelley.

Let me know what you think about these five books!


3 thoughts on “Guest Post at Children’s Book Reviews

  1. Bianca, it was a lot of fun! Thank you!

    Sarah, I’m sorting out my thoughts on HIDEOUS LOVE. I think, like the Plath book, it works best for someone already familiar with Mary Shelley and her life. It gave possible emotional truths, but not so much the actual details that someone new to her story would want or need. Or, for that matter, that others would want or need. I wanted to know more about the first time they ran away to Europe, which seemed like a magnificent disaster. I also felt like while I got a good handle on Mary’s teen self, not so much as she got older and Shelley is still a stranger.


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