2014 ALA Program Proposals

I know, the ALA Annual Conference just happened, why already post about the 2014 Annual Conference?

Because YALSA is seeking input into the programs that have been proposed for 2014. As explained at the YALSA wiki, “please help YALSA select which continuing education sessions.”

The YALSA wiki has information on all the proposed programs.

The input is being gathered with a short survey.

Blatant promotion: Kelly Jensen of Stacked and myself have a proposed program, Not Your Mother’s Reader’s Advisory: Radical RA for YA. “Move beyond standard genre book lists and get creative in this innovative program designed to get attendees thinking about reader’s advisory in new ways. Discover how to use and apply traditional RA elements to the world of today’s teens, who are online, connected, and acutely aware of publishing trends. We’ll delve into what we’re seeing online and off and how these can be implemented into dynamic, fresh, and radical RA to expand your toolkits for connecting your YA readers with books they want to read.”

If you have a program proposal, let us know!

And however you vote in the survey, please, complete the survey! Your input helps make Annual a success!




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