Flashback July 2008

And now, a flashback to what I was reading in July 2008!

My Favorite Books of 2007  Because 2008 was the year I was reading for the Printz, my blog content of actual reviews, especially of YA books, is fairly light. So instead look at the roundup of my favorite books from 2007!

Gray Wolves; Return to Yellowstone by Meish Goldish. From my review: “Gray Wolves: Return to Yellowstone focuses on the modern history of the wolf, how it became nearly extinct in the US, and the efforts to bring it back.”

One thought on “Flashback July 2008

  1. Crivens!* You’ve listed some great books here. Among them:

    The Professor’s Daughter – one of my favorites. If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be “Delightful” – both the story and illustrations. How can you resist a mummy in love who wears a morning suit, gets inebriated on tea and then dances around the tea room? Since reading this, I’ve bought and given away so many copies of this book, not quite as many as A Girl Named Zippy but close. Have you seen Josh Ritter’s video for The Curse? I stumbled upon it a couple of years ago and it reminded me so much of The Professor’s Daughter – though sadder.

    I just discovered the Glida Joyce books this summer and have found the two I’ve listened to to be so much fun. I love Gilda – her love of costumes, her dedication to her craft, her total self-confidence. Such a fun character. Though I haven’t read The Ladies of the Lake yet, the remaining books in the series have moved up high on my TBR.

    Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos – I’m just hoping that with the success of her His Fair Assassins series Robin LaFevers isn’t going to stop writing the Theodosia books. She’s one of my favorite middle grade heroines in a series (along with Enola, Kat Stephenson, and, now, Gilda).

    Flora Segunda – yes, you, and the rest of the internet, have convinced me to try this trilogy. I just picked up the first book from the library earlier this week.

    How can you not want to issued gold adoption certificates to both Junior (The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian) and Holling (The Wednesday Wars? Both such wonderful characters. Great books that get the character’s voice down perfectly. The mix humor and pathos is pitch perfect in both of them.

    Looks like there are several new books to be added to my TBR. This is why I love your Flashback series. I rediscover old friends and find potential new ones.
    *Yes, I’m re-listening to the whole Tiffany Aching series. Stephen Briggs’ narration rules.


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