Candy Crush

Hello, my name is Liz, and I’m obsessed with Candy Crush.

For those of you who aren’t playing . . . .

Candy Crush Saga is a game you can play on your phone or computer. It’s one of those “match 3 objects” games, (in this case candies) with each board having a different set of challenges (get a minimum score, get a certain combination). If you match 4 or 5, or do a certain shape, you get a special candy.

Also, you have only 5 lives. It’s done on a timer, in that to get more you need to wait a specific time period.

Complete the objective for a board, move up to the next level.

There are different ways to play: my sister has an Android app on her phone, and she doesn’t have FaceBook. My mom plays through her FaceBook account. I play on my iPhone, but link it to my FaceBook account. Being on FaceBook introduces the ability to get or give lives; there are also certain levels that you need FaceBook friends to help you get over. (My sister, who has no FaceBook account, says she gets through those levels by finishing certain challenges.)

The cost: free. BUT, if you don’t want to wait to get more lives, or if you want a special candy, or if you want to go up a section without the FaceBook help or doing the challenges, there is a small fee. So far, I haven’t paid anything. (I’m the sort of ornery person who hates this type of nickel and dime purchases within a game. I’d rather pay a few bucks upfront than a dollar here and there.)

Sounds simple.

But — the whole way the game is structured is just obsessive-making. It’s short, so that if you have a few free minutes you can play. But those few minutes turn into a half hour. I’m glad at the limit of five lives and then wait for more so that I don’t play it endlessly.

Also, it gets a wee bit harder with each board, so it remains a challenge and not boring. But then — then — in the midst is some board that is so difficult it’s like WEEKS go get beyond it.

Right now, I’m on Level 172.

Oh, and also, you can buy socks.

So, are you playing? What level are you at? Do you hate the chocolate?

And if you’re not playing — are there any similar games that you are playing?

How does this link to teens?

I’ve read the theories about gaming and reading and honestly, while I enjoy this game it’s not that type of game — not the type that requires much reading. It’s not the type that also is creating any new type of awesome skill set on my behalf. It’s just, well, FUN.

And FUN is important. To have something you like to do with no other motive? Is great. And the next time you see kids or teens getting obsessive about a game, remember how you feel about Candy Crush. Or something else that you do just for fun.

As for the fun element — it’s also fun because it just is. Much as I embrace making learning fun and interesting for people, I also am hesitant about co-opting those fun experiences, putting them into an educational or professional context, and removing the voluntariness, serendipity, and “fun” that the game had provided before it became a learning tool.

Shouldn’t kids be allowed their fun and games, without dragging it into “learning”?

Last thoughts: all the people I know playing Candy Crush are grownups. Do you know any teens or kids who play? Sometimes my niece or nephew will want to play a board or two, but they are way more into Minecraft right now.


9 thoughts on “Candy Crush

  1. I play on my iPad and it just won’t connect to my Facebook account for some reason. I’ve never had to buy anything to get beyond levels. To get between worlds, you can play “quests” where you have to replay a level and get a certain score. You have to win 3 quests and have to wait 24 hours between each one. (ergh) Depending on my patience levels, sometimes I just pay the $.99 and sometimes I play through. Right now I’m stuck on the first quest to get me to the world that starts with level 126.


  2. I came to this late — only a few months ago — because people kept sending me request. I was a Bejeweled Blitz addict for a long time and figured that Candy Crush wouldn’t be anything new or different. Um… 66 levels later…

    I love that each level is a different puzzle to solve, some easy and some hard. And I think that’s what keeps me coming back.

    And yes, I LOATHE the chocolate. I have anxiety dreams about the chocolate.


  3. Jennie, “quests”, yes, that’s what my sister has! She also thinks that sometime if you’re on a hard one they change what you have to do? I don’t know if I’ve seen that, but it seems like sometimes they give “better” starting boards for levels, like they take pity on us?

    Melissa, on 174 now. I love the mini-challenge and quick time (even if then it sucks more time tha intended).

    As I think about it, I also like that it’s something I can do solo. I don’t need to coordinate with others, it’s totally on my time.

    I hate the chocolate but I also hate those darn bombs.


  4. Stuck on level 181! So hard, yet I can’t stop trying!

    Fun tip, I play on Facebook and my android device which is linked to my FB account. But, the 5 lives are separate, so once I run out of lives on my PC, I can load up my android device where I have 5 more lives.

    Nope, not addicted at all!


    1. Justin, just got to 181. What the heck? I don’t know how anyone can ever get past this one! But thanks for the tip and switching between my phone and my FB on my PC. Yay, more lives!


  5. I only recently started, so I’m at something like 21. 174! My goodness! So there’s not an end in sight….

    I hate all the notifications I get, so I haven’t been sending anything to anybody, to try to keep from being annoying. But maybe I should rethink that, if it actually helps.

    But why I wanted to comment — I recently posted a fake trailer for Candy Crush: the Movie on my Facebook page. It is hilarious, and if you’re addicted, you simply have to look it up and watch it, Liz!


    1. It’s helped for the lives/moving up (which happens around level 30, unless you aren’t connected to FB and do the quest version, I guess.) I have tried not to be spammy with CC. I’ll look for the trailer!


  6. Chris, I know it’s addictive and yet I just cannot stop. I haven’t hit the “frustrated” level, and I haven’t hit the “conquered it so can walk away” level either.


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