SLJ BoB: Moonbird v Seraphina

Catching up on the matches from this past week! So, Moonbird v. Seraphina, Judged by Marie Lu.

1 7 MonB Seraphina Round 1, Match 7: Moonbird vs SeraphinaMy prediction: “Lu has written fantasy, Seraphina is fantasy.”

What did Lu decide? Lu noticed the obvious similarity between the two: “Upon closer inspection, however, I actually found quite a bit of similarity between the two. After all, birds are real dragons, aren’t they?

Lu then systematically and scientifically analyzed the two books based on style, character, theme; and in the end, based on that analysis, “the tale of Seraphina’s journey won me over the most.

I will chose to believe that it’s because Seraphina is a fantasy.

And yes, I was right . . . . but since I write this with the full knowledge of the future, that is, the next two rounds, I cannot be as joyful as I would otherwise be, because lo, dark clouds are forming and disappointment is about to rain down. But, for now, let’s ignore that and dance in fields of glitter, because my prediction was correct!

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