SLJ BoB: Spy v Splendors

Next up, Liar and Spy v Splendors and Glooms as judged by Franny Billingsley.

1 6 Liar Splendors rev Round 1, Match 6: Liar and Spy vs Splendors and Glooms

My prediction?Prediction: Splendors and Glooms just seems more like Billingsley’s type of book, for some reason. We’ll see!”

OK. I am giggling madly here, because, and you just will. not. believe. it, but, let’s cut to the chase: “I have to go on my gut, choose what I would have loved most as a kid—that kid who was an unabashed lover of the gothic.  That kid who loved rough winds and intemperance and doors that really lock.  And so the grownup version of her reaches out and, reluctantly, with many second thoughts, chooses Splendors and Glooms.

Who cares about second thoughts? A choice is a choice and you chose your choice and I was right about what type of book Franny Billingsley would like, or should I say “loved most as a kid“.

Now, yeah, go read the rest of the decision because Billingsley examines both books and likes them both; or dare I say, loves them both. She just went with, what would kid-me want?




4 thoughts on “SLJ BoB: Spy v Splendors

  1. (Writing on Thursday): You were sooooooo close to getting every First Round Match right! (I feel a little guilty for lobbying on that one second round match…) You are Practically Perfect, Liz! Maybe it’s just as well you missed on ONE, since otherwise the rest of us fallible people might be tempted to hate you! 🙂


  2. Sondy, well, things haven’t played out as I wished…. let’s see what happens! Fingers crossed for the undead!


  3. Yeah, I’m bummed, too, about how Round Two is going. Now I want you to keep being right about Fault in Our Stars, because it’s the book I think would have been most likely to beat CNV in the Undead Poll….


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