SLJ BoB: Stars v Starry

Now up: Jepp Who Defied the Stars v Starry River of the Sky, judged by Adam Gidwitz. My prediction:Starry River of the Sky. I’ve read neither book and am quite stumped, to be honest. Because I picked the first book in the pairs, above, I went with Starry River of the Sky because it’s the second title.”

1 5 Jepp Starry rev Round 1, Match 5: Jepp, Who Defied the Stars vs Starry River in the SkyLet’s start with the first reason Adam Gidwitz is my new favorite.

A full half of Gidwitz’s decision is noting the guidance he was given (“I am supposed to choose which of these two books is better.”), wondering what “better” means and then establishing the criteria he will use in deciding what is indeed “better.” So while Gidwitz’s opinion is subjective, yes, he reaches it using specific criteria. I LOVE IT.

The second reason Gidwitz is my new favorite is because, after all that (and it is a thorough discussion), “Adam chose Starry River of the Sky.”

Which means…. I’m still in the game!!

2 thoughts on “SLJ BoB: Stars v Starry

  1. Here this year I’d read FIFTEEN of the contenders before the battle — and you’re beating me all to pieces! You are on a roll, girl! (She said, having noticed today’s result fits the trend.)


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