SLJ BoB: Verity v Titanic

Code Name Verity v Titanic was judged today by Margarita Engle. My prediction was Code Name Verity.

Now, it’s been an exciting day — The Veronica Mars Movie Project Kickstarter, the Death of Google Reader, a new Pope — and amid all that, even more terrificness because as hoped/dreamed/wished, Code Name Verity advances!

Let’s take a look at Engle’s decision:

There’s talk of food: “This is not a simple case of comparing apples and oranges; it’s apple pie against whipped cream.  I want both!

On the Titanic: “My favorite aspect of this book is the emotional impact of all the combined bits and pieces.”

But then, when talking about Code Name Verity, Engle talks about instance after instance she liked: “But there is mercy in the striking description of her utter relief when her hair is washed, to rid her of lice.  Best of all, there are traces of poetry.  In one notable dream scene, the statement, “I just want to go on flying and flying in the moonlight” made me smile gratefully, especially since the dream moon is green.  On page 28, the description of a pilot’s aerial view of Scotland is a passage so breathtaking that I felt as if perhaps I actually had received a volume of poetry after all.  And on page 252, I found my favorite line in the entire book:  “Must be lovely flying in peacetime.””

Commentator Jonathan Hunt pretty much agrees with the decision because “I find CODE NAME VERITY to be one of the best young adult novels of the year.”

The Kid Commentator also agrees with the decision, but voices dissatisfaction with the brackets.

I’m happy because I love Code Name Verity AND it was my pick! Cannot wait to see what happens next!











1 2 Verity Titanic Round 1, Match 2: Code Name Verity vs Titanic





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