SLJ Undead Poll

In SLJ BoB, one book goes against another, with a celebrity author judge deciding who will move up to the next round, with the final round being the two surviving books. So, it’s all about the judges, right?


And wrong.

Those of us following SLJ BoB have some input into who makes it to that final Big Kahuna Round; it’s the Undead Poll, which opened yesterday and closes on March 10. Have a book you love that you want to have a fighting chance in that final round? Go, vote in the poll. The winning title will be brought back from the dead; that is, if it lost in an earlier round, that book will be included in the Big Kahuna Round, meaning the judge has to read and decide between three titles.

So, go vote!

Edited to add:

The SLJ BoB Post About the Undead Poll, including link

Direct link to the SLJ BoB Undead Poll

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