American Indian Youth Literature Award

The American Indian Youth Literature Award is on a two-year cycle. It was announced last year, but because a, I didn’t blog about it then, and b, I’m blogging about Awards and lists now, I’m posting about it now.

An explanation from the American Indian Library Association website: “The American Indian Library Association announces the establishment of its American Indian Youth Literature Award. The children’s book award was created as a way to identify and honor the very best writing and illustrations by and about American Indians. Potential award winning titles will be nominated and selected by members of the award jury, which is composed of seven members of AILA, elected by the membership. Each juror may nominate titles in each category that represent the best in American Indian books for children and youth. Books selected to receive the award will present American Indians in the fullness of their humanity in the present and past contexts.” More information on selection criteria, policies and procedures is here.

The press release for the 2012 Awards has full information on all the books. I’ll just highlight the middle grade and teen ones:

Middle Grades Award: “Free Throw” (2011) and “Triple Threat” (2011), by Jacqueline Guest and published by James Lorimer & Company Ltd.

Middle Grades Honor Books: “Jordin Tootoo: The Highs and Lows in the Journey of the First Inuit to Play in theNHL” (2011), by Melanie Florence and published by James Lorimer & Company Ltd.; and

“Awesiinyensag: Dibaajimowinan Ji-Gikinoo’amaageng” (2010), by Anton Treuer et al. and published by Wiigwaas Press.

Young Adult Award: “Pipestone: My Life in an Indian Boarding School” (2010), by Adam Fortunate Eagle and published by the University of Oklahoma Press.

Young Adult Honor Book: “Native Defenders of the Environment” (2011), and other titles in the “Native Trailblazers” series, written by Victor Schilling and published by 7th Generation.

(Thanks to Debbie Reese at American Indians in Children’s Literature for reminding me about this every two year Award!)



4 thoughts on “American Indian Youth Literature Award

  1. Hello!
    Since you’re blogging about the AILA Children’s Award, I just wanted to mention the Asian Pacific American Librarians Association Youth Awards as well. More information on them can be found at:
    2012 Awards –
    2013 Awards – (Page 11)


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