Reader’s Advisory Challenge

As you may remember, Kelly Jensen, Sophie Brookover and myself have a Readers’ Advisory chat on Twitter.  The Readers’ Advisory chat uses the hashtag #ReadAdv; it takes place the first and third Thursdays of the month, at 8 PM EST and lasts an hour. The topic in February will be using awards and lists, such as the various  ALA Awards, in Readers Advisory.

Angela Frederick (on Twitter, @angelina41) has a terrific “challenge” for anyone who likes Reader’s Advisory — basically, a challenge to oneself to read more genres: the Reader’s Advisory Challenge for 2013.

As explained at her Tumblr, she was busy with committee work in 2013 so is going to challenge herself to read “a (sub)genre or format that I normally shy away from. I want to branch out beyond my comfort zone.”

For January, it’s Horror; February – Science Fiction; March – High Fantasy, with the whole list here. And of course there is hash tag: #rac13.

I’m not sure about being able to fit in two horror for January, but I’m thinking about jumping in for February!

3 thoughts on “Reader’s Advisory Challenge

  1. Is it ok if not a 2011 or 2012 in the genre if not one you normally read anyhow? Feb will have to be a mashup of horror & scifi for me as too much Jan. gone.


  2. I plan on meeting the challeng with books outside those years — for horror, I read GIRL OF NIGHTMARES and got 3/4 of the way through THE FIFTH WAVE — I finished it in February but I still think that totally counts.


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