ALA Midwinter 2013

I’m leaving soon for ALA Midwinter Meeting 2013 in Seattle!

Most of my time will be spent in the committee meetings for YALSA’s Fabulous Films Committee. By the end of the meeting, we will have 25 films about “survival.” Stay tuned to see what t hose films are!

I also hope to be able to attend the YALSA Board meeting, because when I read these documents I found a Fabulous Films List Proposal to change Fab Films from “committee format to a blogging one.” There are other proposals, of course. There’s a lot there for YALSA members to read.

Other things I look forward to: the ALA Youth Media Awards; the Morris and Nonfiction Award Presentation; the ALSC/YALSA Joint Member Reception; and the Great YA Blogger Meet Up, hosted by Stacked and the YA Highway.

Are you going to Midwinter? What are you looking forward to?


3 thoughts on “ALA Midwinter 2013

  1. I so wish I’d be there! But I’m buying a home for the first time, and am afraid to add anything to my credit card balances until it’s final. Not to mention needing to pack up, and not needing to have yet more books in the mix. And my committee went virtual, so I don’t have a good excuse. Anyway, I’ll look forward to your tweets and blog posts about it. I’ll look for you in the Youth Media Awards webcast! Have a marvelous time!


  2. Sondy, I missed seeing you! If not Chicago, perhaps Philly next year because it’s close? Meanwhile congratulations on the house, I’m so excited for you!


  3. I’m already planning to go to Chicago. Can’t get myself to stay away, and I signed up for the Caldecott preconference at the Art Institute, too. I’ll look forward to seeing you!

    As for the house, I’m still crossing my fingers it will all work out. There’s a hold-up on FHA approval. (The development let it expire, and my financing can’t even order an appraisal until they have an FHA number….) My realtor’s not stressed, she says we’ll just get an extension if it delays too long, but I’m worried because I have a lot of programs scheduled in March, so it will be harder to take time off to get moved. But meanwhile I’m still fantasizing that I will get all my books organized…. It IS exciting!


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