And We’re Back in the Game!

Welcome back!

As you can see, things are different yet the same. So you can be excited but not threatened!

Among the new stuff: that snazzy logo. I can’t wait to get some new cards printed up with this!

It’s also a cleaner, crisper look all around.

Look down below: a box highlighting my recent tweets!

Some of the things that are the same:

You can still see where the most recent comments were made, to see where a conversation is taking place.

Most recent posts are listed.

Archives are there, also.

I have a bunch of things scheduled starting January 1st; and a few posts I’m hoping to get up before then.

Based on my own Google Reader, all the tech stuff is seamless — if you subscribed to the old RSS feed, you’re still getting posts in your reader (and yes, it’s still full posts).

The new RSS feed:

Also, from what I’ve seen, not only are all my old posts here, all the links automatically redirect here to the new URL. That includes links to individual posts.

And that new URL is: 

I hope you’ve been enjoying your holidays and vacation!


4 thoughts on “And We’re Back in the Game!

  1. Love the new look and the new features but what I love mostly is how much better the site functions. So far, no more 404 errors when I want to look at older posts.

    Spiffy logo. It makes me want to pull up a cozy chair, read a book, with a piping hot cup of tea by my side but it’s a cold overcast day here and I always want to do that on a rainy day. Oh, heck, let’s close out the year and be honest – I almost always want to spend my day snuggled in for a reading adventure. If the book is British, then pots of tea are mandatory. Am I the only one whose tea consumption goes way up reading a British novel? Whenever they make a cuppa, I have to have one also.

    Thanks for all the great reviews and book recommendations. I’m looking forward to more great content here at your blog. Happy New Year.


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