Blog the Vote

Better late than never, right?

Originally, this was supposed to get posted on November 2, as part of Chasing Ray’s Blog the Vote blog series.

It’s not that I didn’t believe that Sandy would be as bad as everyone said; it’s just that in pre-Hurricane planning, finalizing the draft post I had prepared got put on a back burner, and, well, excuses, excuses, and here, on Election Day, is my post, finally. But first, on Monday, Colleen rounded up the Why I Vote posts from the book blogosphere at the Why I Vote Round-Up.

Here’s the thing. Between then and now, the “why” in Why I Vote changed for me. I was going to blog (as others did in the round up) about the importance of voting, the importance of government, how close elections can be, how historically some people were prevented from voting.

Then, Hurricane Sandy happened. As some of you may know, I’m from the Jersey Shore. I grew up in Ocean and Monmouth counties; I currently live just under two miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

While I hope to write a more detailed post about what’s going on around here, I’ll say that I’m safe & sound, as is my family, as is my house. However, there are family and friends that are not so fortunate, whose homes were damaged by flooding or wind, or whose businesses were hurt.

So, why do I vote?

I vote because one of the many things people asked after Sandy was, where do I vote? Is it the same place? If we still can’t get into our towns, where do we go to vote? Where now? They want to vote, and will do anything and everything they can to exercise that right, even though they are still without power, or can’t go home, or have no homes to go to. Even though the clean clothes are running out and there is no heat and there is gas rationing and there is a nor’easter is predicted for tomorrow.

People are voting.

Why do I vote? Why did I vote? Because I can. Because it’s important. Because it matters.

4 thoughts on “Blog the Vote

  1. tanita, thanks. Tho the house where I used to live? Had a tree crash into it! So I’m feeling very lucky indeed.

    Sondy, thank you. So many people still without power, or out of their homes. Prayers are needed. Thanks again.

    Adrienne, thank you. Part of what is so shocking about this all is that it just doesn’t end, you know?


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