Huzzah and Welcome!

Travis Jonker of 100 Scope Notes has an article in the most recent School Library Journal about using ereaders in schools. It’s also available on line, at Travis’s Excellent (Ereader) Adventure. As Travis explains, “Last year, we rolled out an ereader lending program in my fifth and sixth grade school library, and I plan to share here the ups, downs, and what-to-look-out-fors we encountered along the way.”

And some exciting news is at the end of that article: “This article, modified from a series of posts on Travis Jonker’s blog 100 Scope Notes is just a glimpse of the smart thinking Jonker shares there. We’re pleased to announce that Jonker and 100 Scope Notes will be joining SLJ’s blog network, which includes A Fuse #8 Production by Elizabeth Bird and Joyce Valenza’s NeverEndingSearch. Coming soon!”

Yay!! Stay tuned to SLJ’s website and blog network to read 100 Scope Notes!!

And in the “all about me” (and Travis and Pam Coughlan of MotherReader) section, here is a blast from the past, when the three of us presented about blogging at ALA: ALA 2010 Children’s and Young Adult Book Blogs.


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