Live Tweeting History

Remember, back in April, when the History Press live tweeted the Titanic in real time?  So did Real Time Titanic. More info at the History Press.

I have a new “live” tweeting history account I’m following. It’s a bit more ambitious than the Titanic; it’s Real Time World War Two, at Twitter @RealTimeWWII. It’s “Livetweeting the 2nd World War, as it happens on this date & time in 1940, & for 6 years to come.” It was created by Alwyn Collinson, an Oxford graduate (Six Year Project to Tweet the Second World War and Oxford Graduate Tweets World War II In Real Time).

On a personal basis, I just adore these quick news reports from World War II. Warning: every now and then when I quickly scan my Twitter feed, I forget I have a historical news feed and think to myself, “wait, what just happened?”

It’s a mix of military, cultural, and personal history:

London is dark & silent, still blacked-out for fear of bombs. Cars have only 1 headlamp, & pedestrians must carry tissue-wrapped torches.

Myrtle: “Mum has a toasting-fork ready to see off the Nazi invasion. Everyone’s very suspicious of nuns- might be disguised German spies.”

Brazil signed up for $20,000,000 U.S. “loan”. Foreign Minister Aranha: “We should erect a statue to Hitler- he made USA finally notice us”

I imagine that these could be interesting for use in schools, for those who are studying World War II. Or, a class could work together on a similar project (more a short time frame like the Titanic, instead of the multiple year World War II.)

Are there any other live tweeting history accounts?


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