If  you’re a fan of Melina Marchetta‘s Lumatere books (Finnikin of the Rock and Froi of the Exiles), some good news while we’re all waiting for Quintana of Charyn (Australia, September 2012; US, March 2013).

And as you can see from the publication dates, it’s a real wait for us in the US!

The good news: Melina has a story set in the Lumatere universe, available for sale as of August 7! Full details at Melina’s website, but here is the nutshell explanation: “Ferragost is a stand alone short story. If you are a reader of the Lumatere Chronicles, you’ll rememer that Celie is the daughter of Lord August and Lady Abian and is best friends with the Queen of Lumatere. I promise it doesn’t really give away anything that happens in the upcoming Quintana of Charyn or even Froi of the Exiles. The events of Ferragost, however, are happening at the same time as in Quintana so you’ll understand the role Celie plays in the bigger picture when Quintana of Charyn is released later this year (early next year in the US).”

It’s published in a digital journal, the Review of Australian Fiction.

How to get the issue of the digital journal?

Matthew Lamb, editor of the Review of Australian Fiction, explains it:

it is exclusive to Booki.sh and so not available on Amazon or Kobo, etc… which may confuse some people.

Booki.sh is an Australian development, which publishes the Review of Australian Fiction, and operates the ebookstore platform for several of Australia’s leading independent bookstores.
So this issue is only available through our website or through these ebookstores.

To access it, people will need to create a free Booki.sh account: https://booki.sh/home

Review of Australian Fiction ebooks are, however, DRM-Free, so after purchasing it through Booki.sh, the file is downloadable and convertible into .MOBI or other formats so that people with these contraptions can read it: http://about.booki.sh/support/faq/answer/what-does-lsquo-drm-free-rsquo-mean/

The cost of the issue containing the story is only $2.99AUS. The issue contains a second story, by Kirsty Eager, another Australian writer.

As Matthew Lamb explains, “the way our journal works is we invite an established author (like Melina) and we ask them to choose an emerging Australian writer to be paired with. Melina chose Kirsty for this issue.”

This is not limited to those in Australia; yes, US readers can purchase and read the issue with both stories.

So, yay! A new Lumatere story; plus, finding out about an author Melina likes.

Disclaimer: I’ve been provided a complimentary copy of the story for review purposes.

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