KidlitCon 2012 Submissions

KidlitCon 2012 is taking place in New York City on September 28-29th. KidlitCon is the annual get together of Children’s and Young Adult Book Bloggers. This is year 6!

Proposals are being accepted for programs until Wednesday, August 15th. Here is more information at Fuse # 8; and here is a link to the proposal form.

KidlitCon is a volunteer effort, and that includes the programs that are done. It’s about real, actual, bloggers sharing their expertise and ideas.

And you know who the experts are about blogging.


So put on your thinking caps, brainstorm with your friends, and come up with that super idea! (Honestly, brainstorming on Twitter or g-chat or somesuch with friends is how I come up with ideas for things like this, tossing out an idea and someone saying “yes, I’d love a panel like that.”)

In case you haven’t submitted an idea for something like this before, here is the most important thing to know.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Oh, don’t get me wrong: proofread, spellcheck, edit, revise, the usual stuff. But you don’t have to have the program all perfect; you just need a short description that will get people interested, that will make people think “oh, yeah, that sounds like something great/ I love talking about/ I haven’t seen before/ I haven’t seen it said that way before.” (Oh, here’s another thing: there may be something you do that you think is so typical “everyone” knows it or does it. We don’t.)

For example, let’s say you want to do a post on group blogging. Your description can be….. “how to set up and run a group blog.”

Now, eeek, you have to say “three learning outcomes.” I know, fancy talk, but that tells people what they’ll walk away with. For the example, setting up, running, and marketing a group blog — three things right there!

The proposal form also asks what will be “new” about your topic. This is a short place to pitch you and your blog –so for the group blog idea, it can be “candid insight into the highs and lows of a group project.”

Let’s see, what else on the form may be causing some questions? “Experience presenting” in other places. Yes, that can mean presenting at some local library conference, but before you let this stop you from submitting an idea, think of anytime for work or personal or the blog that you got up before a group of people and spoke about something. “Oh, that’s just the annual report at work, that’s just the local children’s writers group,” that’s just you presenting.

My last thoughts: if you are thinking at all of submitting? Submit. Take a chance. Toss that hat into the air. (Um, that one didn’t make sense, but it makes me think of Mary Tyler Moore, and the theme to her song, which always makes me smile and so I’m leaving it in.


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