Hear Me

Want to hear me talk about librarianship, books, and other sundry things?

Well, you’re in luck! A few weeks ago, Steve Thomas (@stevelibrarian on Twitter) invited Kelly Jensen  (Stacked blog, @catagator) and myself onto his librarian interview podcast, Circulating Ideas (@circideas). Since Steven follows both of us on Twitter (I’m @LizB), he had a bit of an idea what he was getting himself into. That said, I don’t think he realized that the interview would end up being over two hours!

It’s Episode 14 of Circulating Ideas. This photo is of Kelly and myself, taken at ALA. I’m in the cardigan. Of course.

It was a lot of fun doing the podcast, even if a bit painful for me in the sense that I fall into that camp of people who, when they hear themselves, say “that’s what I sound like? NNNNNOOOOOO.”

Thank you, Steve, for the invitation!

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