Pop Goes the Library

And now, a little Blatant Self Promotion.

Back in 2008, Sophie Brookover and I wrote a book, Pop Goes the Library: Using Pop Culture to Connect to Your Whole Community (Information Today). The Library Journal review; In the Library With a Lead Pipe review; American Libraries; and Booklist.

From the publisher website: “You loved the blog—now read the book! Whether you regularly follow entertainment and gossip news, or wondered “Corbin Who?” when you saw the recent ALA READ poster, Pop Goes the Library will help you connect with your users and energize your staff. Pop culture blogger-librarians Sophie Brookover and Elizabeth Burns define what pop culture is (and isn’t) and share insights, tips, techniques, and success stories from all types of libraries.

You’ll discover practical strategies and ideas for incorporating the pop culture passions of your users into collections, programs, and services, plus a range of marketing and outreach ideas, technology tools, and ready-to-go programs you can start using today. Here is an eye-opening book that’s as much fun to read as it is to apply!”

In case you’re thinking, four years is like four hundred in terms of pop culture: yes and no. Yes, you may now be saying “Corbin Who” for a different reason. Yes, I think at the time the Jolie Pitts had only four kids. Yes, for technology, Pinterest didn’t exist.

None of that matters; because the book is about discovering pop culture, not being told what pop culture is. It’s about finding out what matters to your patrons. It’s about using pop culture for advocacy and marketing. And the year of programs covers a wide range of interests and ages; even the ones tied to a particular book or movie can inspire ideas for other books or movies.

And the reason I’m sharing about our book is because Sophie and I just got some good news from our publisher: it is now available in ebook! The list of vendors is at the publisher website for the book, with links to each vendor.

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