Flashback April 2005

In April 2005, I had exactly one review! The review that started it all!

Unexpected Development by Marlene Perez. From my review: “Perez’s novel is funny, touching, and serious. The book’s framing device is an essay she’s writing in Senior Honors English: “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.” (Megan agrees with you that it is a very lame assignment, particularly for an Honors class.) Since this is entirely in first person, the humor comes not from situations but from Megan’s voice (sarcastic, funny, insightful) and her view of things. Body image is central to this book: Megan has big breasts; since fifth grade, guys don’t look above the collarbone. Megan deals with this by using humor, oversized clothing, and saving for breast reduction surgery. It was hurtful to read how many guys thought that Megan’s chest size invited rude comments and allowed for touching. Her belief that guys are interested in her physical developments is shown as having some basis (freshman year started with an unwanted groping), but this summer her crush, Jake, is showing interest. Can Megan trust him? Can she trust her own feelings?”


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