Fab Films: Acquiring Titles for Screening

Continuing my examination of the rules and procedures for the YALSA Fabulous Films Committee:

From the YALSA Website:

Acquiring Titles for Screening: The administrative assistant will automatically assign a committee member to view titles that meet list criteria which are favorably reviewed in Booklist, School Library Journal, Science Books & Films, SLJ Directory of Current and Forthcoming Videos or other professional journals. The administrative assistant will also automatically assign award-winning and notable titles that meet list criteria from regional and national film festivals. It will be the decision of the committee member viewing the item to determine if it should be nominated for the list.  Outstanding popular titles may be considered for inclusion – to be added based on responses from the committee.

Before any of you get all excited with dreams of mailboxes overflowing with DVDs, so far the way I get the films I’m watching is the old fashioned out of pocket way: my personal Netflix account and my cable on-demand package.

Next week: Creation of the List

Yes, I usually post this on Tuesdays and I like being consistent, but I wanted to post about the Hub contest, so switched some posts around.

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