Timothy Rising From the Dead

Or, rather, Doug!

For those who didn’t get the title and are wondering who the heck is Timothy: Finnegan’s Wake.

My guess for the winner of the Undead Poll was Chime; the actual winner is Okay For Now.

What this means? Jonathan Stroud has to decide between Life: An Exploded Diagram; Between Shades of Gray; and Okay For Now. In other words — three works of historical fiction.

And as I read the various commentary, I continue to wonder at the various ways people read books because I often finding  myself going, “really?” Thank goodness for the occasional comment that shows I’m not alone in a bookish reaction: Brandy from Random Musings of a Bibliophile says about Life, “I didn’t want to drive around with the characters in Life. I wanted to jump out of the car they were driving to get away from them, despite the pretty scenery they were driving me through. I have yet to be convinced that book is anything more than empty pretty words.”


5 thoughts on “Timothy Rising From the Dead

  1. I have appreciated your various reactions throughout the battle as well. It’s nice to know when I’m not alone in thinking something. (Makes me feel a little less crazy.)


  2. Oh, Brandy, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Liz and Brandy, may I come in out of the cold and join your club? Also, if you have some bandages in the clubhouse I’d appreciate them ’cause I cut myself jumping out of the car.



  3. Brandy & Eliza, is it terrible that my response to the big kahuna announcement was relief first? I still wish a judge had addressed that ending.


  4. Nope, I had the same feeling of relief. It was with great trepidation that I clicked on the link this morning. At this point I was just hoping that “Life” wouldn’t win. I was all ready to to scream in frustration but instead was happy and very relieved.

    Oh, that ending! I get the start with a bomb, end with a bomb idea but not how it was done. I’m not sure if I felt it was exploitative or just unsubtle. Would be interested in both of your thoughts about it.


  5. Eliza, I felt like it was exploitative. To be honest; I didn’t read the whole book. I began it, read until Clem entered the picture (about 100 pages), skimmed a bit, read the last few chapters, went back and skimmed. So perhaps a full straight-thru read would have it make sense to end like it did.


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