Drawing v Again

School Library Journal Battle of the Books, Round 2, Match 3. Drawing From Memory v Inside Out & Back Again. Judge: Jewell Parker Rhodes.

In this round — like others — the Judge points out that for apples v pineapples book judging, there are also some points of similarity between the two contenders. Here, both books are rooted in the childhood experiences of the authors.

The winner? Drawing From Memory, because “Deceptively simple in its parts, these parts create a more ambitious, richly layered, and unique tale. Say’s artistry can be experienced so successfully in so many ways!”

For some, the pictures would be a draw back, and the judge would concentrate on the text alone. Here, it’s almost as if the book has an edge by being as visual as it is textual.

It’s a rainy Saturday, so on to my response to the next match!

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