Fab Films: Committee Composition and Function

Continuing an examination of the policies and procedures for the Fabulous Films Committee:

From the YALSA Website:

Committee Composition and Function: The committee will include nine members, including the chair, appointed by the YALSA Vice President/President-Elect. Members are appointed for two-year terms, and the chair is appointed to a one-year term. The current YALSA President will fill any committee vacancy. Terms begin and end at the conclusion of the Midwinter Meeting. Members shall be appointed on a staggered basis to maintain a balance of new and continuing members. Reappointment of the chair or committee members is not automatic and is based on participation in the work of the committee and recommendation by the chair. After the end of the second consecutive term, a member must wait five years before he or she is eligible to serve again. Barring emergency, committee members are required to participate in the nomination process, to evaluate videos and digital video disks, to attend all committee meetings and to actively participate in discussions.

The editor, or editor’s designee, of the Audiovisual Media section of Booklist will serve as an ex officio member of the committee.

An administrative assistant will be appointed, in consultation with the committee chair, by the YALSA Vice President/President-Elect. The administrative assistant may serve for three successive years as a non-voting member of the committee.

As mentioned in an earlier post, this is a two year commitment. Once a person cycles off, they have to wait five years before being able to serve again. Attendance at committee meetings (that is, Midwinter Meeting and Annual) are required.

Next week: Acquiring Titles for Screening


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