Memory v Fix

School Library Journal Battle of the Books, Round 1, Match 5. Drawing From Memory v The Grand Plan to Fix Everything. Judge: Barbara O’Connor

For no reason whatsoever, I had guessed that O’Connor would select The Grand Plan to Fix Everything.

In talking about the books, O’Connor notes what didn’t quite work for her. Which happens; there are books I love, but I realize that there are certain things that aren’t “perfect.” But then, I also don’t think any book is perfect and that we shouldn’t use an impossible standard of perfection in reading or judging books.

O’Connor ultimately picks Drawing From Memory, because “for the teamwork of art and words and for the total experience of this book, I choose Drawing from Memory by Allen Say.” 

The thing with SLJsBoB is there is no wrong answer — no wrong reason. Just interesting things for us to mull over. Here, the total experience of the book, art and words, trump anything else.


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