Fab Films: Nomination Process

Continuing a look at the Fab Films Committee, from the YALSA Website:

Nomination Process: The nomination period runs from the end of ALA Midwinter to December 1 of the same year. Nomination forms will be available from the YALSA Web page.

Titles may be nominated by committee members as well as from the field. Field nominations must be confirmed by a committee member. Film makers, distributors, or producers may not nominate their own productions. They may request that a particular title be viewed by a committee member for list consideration.

Nominations for titles to be considered must be forwarded on official nomination forms to the administrative assistant in a timely manner, and received no later than December 1 of each year. The administrative assistant will regularly disseminate a list of nominated titles to the chair and committee members.

Each committee member will receive items to preview throughout the year. These items are often sent by producers and distributors per committee request, although many are unsolicited.

To be nominated, a title must have been viewed by at least one committee member.

Committee members are encouraged to solicit the opinions of young adults on titles being considered for nomination.

Here is the nomination form!

Field nominations, like those for awards and other lists, requires a confirmation by a committee member. Nominations are open, and close on December 1. Committee members can only nominate a film they have viewed.

My Netflix account and cable on-demand are getting quite the workout!

Next week: Committee Composition and Function

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