Between v Bootleg

School Library Journal Battle of the Books, Round 1, Match 2. Between Shades of Gray v Bootleg. Judge: Gayle Forman.

See what happens when you flip a coin?

When you’re not gutsy enough to take a stand?

I zigged and guessed Bootleg, but Forman zagged and chose Between Shades of Gray.

Both are good books. Forman’s decision is in part because “Bootleg Part of the fun of SLJ BOB is discovering these types of reader preferences. is a wonderfully written, colorful history book, but it still reads like a history book.”

On a more personal note, what does this mean for my brackets? Aronson will now have a historical fiction book to consider and I, for one, look forward to his analysis. I also stick by my Round 2 prediction, with him selecting Amelia Lost.


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