Fab Films: Policies and Procedures

The start of the Fab Films Policies and Procedures:

Membership: 9, including Chair, plus an administrative assistant, if requested by the chair, and an editor from the Audio-Visual Section of Booklist to serve as consultant.

Qualifications: YALSA members who have experience selecting and evaluating films for a young adult audience and who must be able to attend both the Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference of ALA.

Term of Office: 2 years, commencing February 1 and ending Jan. 31 two years later.

Function: To annually select films especially significant to young adults from those currently available for purchase; to annually prepare one annotated list based on a chosen theme of at least ten and no more than twenty-five recommended titles.

So, I’ll be on this for the next two years! The chosen theme for this year is Survival; anyone can nominate a film for consideration. (More on this in another post). The film has to be “especially significant,” and there has to be a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 25.

Next week: Philosophy and Purpose


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