Magick 4 Terri

Magick 4 Terri is a fundraiser for Terri Windling.

From the website: “Beloved editor, artist and writer Terri Windling is in need, and we are asking for your help in a fundraising auction to assist her. This auction will combine donations from professionals and fans in an online sale to help Terri through a serious financial crisis. Terri is the creator of groundbreaking fantasy and mythic art and literature over the past several decades, ranging from the influential urban fantasy series Bordertown to the online Journal of Mythic Arts. With co-editor Ellen Datlow, she changed the face of contemporary short fiction with The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror and other award-winning anthologies, including Silver Birch, Blood Moon, and The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest. Her remarkable Endicott Studio blog continues to bring music, poetry, art and inspiration to people all over the world.About Us page for FAQs on Terri, the auction process, and how you can get involved! Finally, stop by HQ Headquarters to meet your wacky staff. We got cookies!”

Terri Windling and her family have been coping with health and legal issues that have drained her financial resources at a critical time. Due to the serious nature of these issues, and privacy concerns for individual family members, we can’t be more specific than that, but Terri is in need of our support. As a friend, a colleague and an inspiration, Terri has touched many, many lives over the years. She has been supremely generous in donating her own work and art to support friends and colleagues in crisis. Now, Terri is in need of some serious help from her community. Who better than her colleagues and fans to rise up to make some magick for her?

That’s where we come in. Until December 15th, we’ll be bringing you auctions (and vice-versa!) of art, books, collectibles, music, and more amazing offers from the awesome fantasy art and literature communities. Please see the About Us page for FAQs on Terri, the auction process, and how you can get involved! Finally, stop by HQ Headquarters to meet your wacky staff. We got cookies!”

When you go to the website, the different items and offers (paintings, books, dinners, tons of stuff) up for auction are along the left hand side of the website.

Just to give you a flavor of some the auction items:

Lunch or Dinner with Tamora Pierce “Offered: Lunch or dinner with Tamora Pierce in or near Syracuse, New York some time during 2012 or during any one of the conventions listed here which Tamora will be attending during 2012.”

Signed ARC of Flora’s Fury by Ysabeau Wilce, Extra Goodies Included. “Offered: One Advance Reader’s Copy of Flora’s Fury: How a Girl of Spirit and a Red Dog Confound Their Friends, Astound Their Enemies, and Learn the Importance of Packing Light, personalized by the Authoress, bundled with a poster of the glorious book cover and two bars of Madama Twanky’s Best Black Magick Xocolatl Bars.”

Lunch With A Big Time Literary Agent, Who’s Also A Foodie — Barry Goldblatt. “Offered: Lunch. With a Real Live Literary Agent. One who also happens to have a serious love of food. All Lunch Access: If you’ve ever drooled over agent Barry Goldblatt’s foodie tweets, here’s a chance to not only eat with him, but to quiz him about the business. NYC restaurant to be determined. Barry says: I’ll pick up the tab; all you have to do is come hungry and loaded with questions. Transportation to and from NYC not included.”


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