No Flying, No Tights

There are a handful of young adult/children’s lit book bloggers out there so original, they predate blogs. Some may say they aren’t “bloggers”. They were writing online, reviewing online, doing it because they had something they wanted to say — just like bloggers. Thing is, they did it without the benefit of blogging software. They kicked it old school, with websites and coding and all that stuff. Jen Hubert Swan of Reading Rants (1998) is one; so is Richie Partington of Richie’s Picks (1999); and Robin Brenner’s No Flying, No Tights (2002) is another.

Brenner’s No Flying, No Tights website had sections for teens, adults (To The Lair) and kids (Sidekicks), as well as a blog. I was a bit disappointed that NF, NT hadn’t been updated in a while, so was jumping up and down going “yay” when I read a listserv announcement that Brenner was relaunching No Flying No Tights.

No Flying, No Tights relaunched on October 1, with a new look, new access points (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and reviews of all kinds of comics, graphic novels, manga and anime, along with features. Kids, adults, and teen graphic novel reviews and news are all accessed through the one site. Long time readers, don’t worry; all the older material and reviews are still there. Here’s a list of the current contributors. And, about NF, NT in Robin’s own words.

Here’s a taste of what’s going on at NF, NT: an excellent, intelligent, roundtable discussion of the DC comics reboot: “Through all the discussion of this I’ve heard very few people arguing that the books in question aren’t sexist. The defense I’ve heard most often is that DC’s aiming these books at young men so sexism is irrelevant.” It includes a discussion of fanservice, a term I wasn’t familiar with.

3 thoughts on “No Flying, No Tights

  1. And Sonderbooks (2000) started that way. 🙂 In fact, it slows me down significantly, because I still put up a new website page for every review, with links between pages.

    Thanks for the heads’ up about No Flying, No Tights!


  2. I said it on Twitter, but I’ll say it again here: Thanks for the coverage! It’s good to be back. 😀

    I’m also glad to hear the roundtable is interesting reading — I actually prefer content like that myself on blogs, and it’s been great to be able to launch those features as a part of the site.


  3. Sondy, I didn’t realize you were doing it all by code. Wow.

    Robin, You’re welcome! (and apparently my blog ate my own, earlier reply).


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