BBAW: Community II

Today’s daily topic for Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Community II! My post explaining BBAW.

From the BBAW website: “Share your tips for finding and keeping community in book blogging despite the hectic demands made on your time and the overwhelming number of blogs out there. If you’re struggling with finding a community, share your concerns and explain what you’re looking for–this is the week to connect!”

The first thing I’d say for those who are blogging about children’s and young adult books: check out the resources at the Kidlitosphere website and join their listserv. The annual KidlitCon is being held in this year in Seattle from September 16 & 17; it’s another great way to connect.

The second thing is Twitter. It’s a quick way to get involved in conversations, share reviews, and find reviews. There are some drawbacks, in that sometimes when you have a free hour nothing much is happening on Twitter and other times, things are happening but the real world means you cannot be there.

The third thing is: realistic time management. Part of your time can be reading, part blogging, and part connecting. Connecting can be commenting at blogs or being on Twitter or Google Plus, etc.

Fourth: don’t be afraid to comment. There are some very real obstacles to commenting, such as being at work and being able to read posts but not not comment. Or, from time management, knowing  you just have an hour and deciding you’d rather read more blogs and do less comments. Still, commenting is one way people get to know each other and so even if it’s just a quick “I liked this book, too”, it’s worth it — to the blogger getting the feedback, but also to yourself, as more and more people recognize your name.

3 thoughts on “BBAW: Community II

  1. Here’s me with commenting! I’m so good at that part! Anyway…

    I’m loving Twitter now (took me awhile to jump onto that bandwagon) as a sort of newsfeed– good way to browse down a bunch of thoughts and headlines at once and pick out the links I want to see more of– but I can’t quite figure out the whole “Twitter as conversation” concept. The closest I’ve ever gotten is replying to individual Tweets, and then occasionally somebody might reply back, but that’s limited, and not very conversation-like if the person doesn’t respond, and when you click on the little arrow thing to see replies sometimes it doesn’t even show you all the replies, and apparently stops showing new replies after awhile, and– well anyway, I just find the whole Twitter Conversation topic confusing. For example, I follow you on Twitter, and I’ve been noticing recently you’ve been posting things that say “Twitter Book Party!” and I haven’t the SLIGHTEST idea how that’s supposed to work! I think it’s one of those Conversational Twitter things I’m just not getting! Any simple advice?


  2. I’m really looking forward to seeing you at KidLitCon tomorrow, Liz — but bummed that my flight gets in just as the session you’re leading is ending. Attending KidLitCon09 was the first thing that made me realize there really is a community out there! Looking forward to meeting more from that community.


  3. rockinlibrarian, i just found you on twitter! some of it is really serendipitous, for when people happen to be online. And Twitter Book parties: I’d say, honestly, that is the opposite of conversation and more like blitz book promotion.

    Sondy, it was lots of fun to see you again & I’m glad we got to have breakfast together & the shared trip to the airport.


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