Hurricane Irene

Down at the Jersey Shore, we’re getting prepared for Hurricane Irene!

While I live down the Shore, I am not in an area with either mandatory evacuation or an area prone to flooding. I’m not on the water.

We’re pretty much all prepared: full tank of gas, check. Extra cash? Check. Candles and flashlight, check. Outside furniture? Just one more table to be brought inside. Emergency bags packed just in case?  Check. Electronics fully charged? Check. Landline — yes, but since the phone itself requires electricity and is from the cable company, I’m not quite sure if that is going to be more reliable.

Any suggestions for what else I need?

Any book suggestions? Do you think it’s better to read about things like hurricanes, or read something escapist?

10 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene

  1. Fill the bathtub with water– not for drinking, but a bucket of water will flush your toilet if the water goes out. You can also use it to wash dishes or take a sponge bath if needed. Times like these when I’m glad my husband’s from the Gulf and can do hurricane prep in his sleep.


  2. I live near Philly and I’ve made the same sort of preparations! My first thought was to be sure I have enough chocolate! And fresh batteries in my booklight. I still remember that hurricane in 1999, I think, when we were without power for five days and had to use our grill to cook everything from the freezer. We ended up tossing some of it anyway. This time I have more non-perishables, like protein bars!

    Personally, I go for escapist reading, not something to remind me of hurricanes. I’m in the middle of 13 Gifts by Wendy Mass.


  3. With every hurricane, my husband and I argue about whether it’s really necessary to fill the bathtubs (I am pro, he is “why bother”). My biggest tip is to be sure you know where your lighter is. That’s the thing we always seem to scramble for when the lights go out.

    I vote for escapist reading too. I’ve got MUSEUM OF THIEVES on my Nook ready to go (and the Nook is charging as I type!).


  4. If the electricity goes down the water will probably follow (no pumps). Moist wipes are a godsend. Lots of bottled water, non-perishables, a propane camping cooktop if you have one will allow you to cook. Filling the washing machine is another source of water. Make lots of ice ahead of time. Battery-operated fan and lantern, battery radio.


  5. I recommend the escapist reading, too, rather than hurricane reading. But not dystopias. I think a book like, say, Life As We Knew It would be a bit too close to home…

    Good luck!


  6. I personally declared that the hurricane meant I could read absolutely anything I wanted so I have gotten immersed today IN THE GARDEN OF BEASTS by Erik Larson – fascinating! And chocolate was what I made sure I had in surplus for storm eating!!!


  7. UGH! I hope you are surviving. I’m too late to offer my suggestions in the hurricane department but wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you. Hope things are back up and running soon.


  8. Jennie, luckily we did not lose water. I did fill the tub and then forgot to shut the door and one of the cats took an unexpected bath.

    Joanne, how did you fare this time out? I’ll do a longer post on Saturday, but we were without power for several days. Protein bars for the win!

    Reading Panda, I ended up reading GUARDIAN OF THE DEAD. Scared myself a little but a good read.

    Pam, we had candles, lighter, flashlights, electric candles, batteries all in easy to find places thank goodness when the lights went out around midnight Saturday.

    Liz, luckily we did not have a water problem. Also, we have gas for the stove and the hot water so we had hot water for washing and showering. Alas, not enough


  9. con’t. not enough ice. We had cool nights so no fan was needed, but I think I’ll look for one for next time.

    Jen, my days without power gives me a whole new look on books like Life As We Knew It

    Carol, thank goodness chocolate doesn’t spoil when the power goes out.

    Michelle, thanks! Thursday, sometime while I was at work, on came the power.


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