YALSA Nonfiction: Publishers

Drumroll, please! The last policy for the YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults.

From the YALSA Website: Relationship with Publishers. “Committee members are required to abide by YALSA’s Conflict of Interest Policy and will not solicit publishers for copies of titles; however, they may accept any unsolicited ones that are offered or sent to them. Committee members should not solicit publishers for favors, invitations, etc. If members receive these, however, they will use their own judgment in accepting. Publishers understand that such acceptance in no way influences members’ actions or selections.”

How, you may wonder, does the Committee get the copies of books to read if they don’t solicit publishers? As the policies state, the chair (or, if one is asked for, the administrative assistant) contacts the publishers. As the policies state, that doesn’t prevent the publishers from offering or sending unsolicited copies. 

And that’s it, folks!

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