YALSA Nonfiction: Field Nominations

As promised in last week’s discussion of the YALSA Nonfiction policies, and procedures, Field Suggestions:

“Field suggestions are encouraged. To be eligible, they must be submitted on the official suggestion form. The form will allow for both a rationale and summary of nominated titles. Committee members will be notified of all field suggestions, which are eligible to be considered for nomination by members. Nominated titles must also have a second from a committee member. Only those titles that have been nominated will be discussed at Midwinter and Annual Conference meetings, as well as phone meetings, though a committee member may request that a suggested title be moved to the discussion list and thus treated as a nominated title. Furthermore, all nominated titles must be discussed. To prevent a conflict of interest, publishers, authors, or editors may not nominate titles in which they have a vested interest.”

So yes, if you want to suggest a book? Do it! Don’t just think about it! Do it! Don’t wonder if a book is going to be considered! Do it! Here is the Nomination Form. (And yes, you can make suggestions for other YALSA awards and lists).

Next week: Voting Procedures!

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